Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring into March Madness

You read it right...
In the Morenus home... we do not wait on April showers to bring May flowers... we start spring NOW. We had a beautiful Sunday in Charlotte, NC with spring like temperatures and the ability to stay outside all day and not catch a cold [Knock on wood]. So we are officially celebrating Spring!
{Even though it will most likely drop below freezing again this week...}
March is a GREAT month for college sports fans! We get to see multiple basketball games as the March Madness challenge unfolds. I always complete a bracket with DUKE winning the entire thing, and haven't been correct in awhile. Tyler always thinks UNC will go all the way. We WILL decorate with {some} our Duke and Carolina items and there will be lost battles resulting in wearing your least favorite team's apparel, etc. It makes for a fun month! Hopefully the leprechauns will bring some luck DUKE's way middle of the month! You can see below that my colleagues are Carolina fans and have already started a battle...

Back to spring.
We have completed a few things already to prepare for the change in seasons.
The red and pink pillows were stored away in a pink Rubbermaid to be used again next February.
In their place now lives blue pillows and our friend, Mr. Squirrel.
My lovely sis, McKenzie, made the other two pillows!
On the Side Tables, we have stored away the winter flowers and brought out our spring vase and cherry blossoms. Fake of course... I have a brown thumb!
I have also purchased a few gold items to give the room a new accent color.

My most favorite... I took down the City of Charlotte Christmas painting my sis, Amy, and I made and re-hung my Grandfather's painting of Spring. This is one painting from a set of all four seasons. My mom and two sisters have the others. My Grandfather could barely use any of his muscles and was completely handicap by the time he passed away, but yet he produced some amazing paintings before he lost all muscle function. He died a few days before my 10th birthday, so sadly I do not remember much of him. Glad to have this artwork to connect me to him!

~** SNEAK PEAK **~
This week I will be finishing the pedestal table and chairs for our kitchen. We bought them last fall at a yard sale for $40 total... table, pedestal, 4 chairs. The seats of the chairs and the table top are maple wood  (remaining that way) and everything else was an ugly green color. I was confident I could strip the green away... and man is it hard to do! It has taken awhile but now that our garage is clean and spring is approaching... I am motivated! I will do a post on the table project when it is complete but here is the progress so far... note the finished product will be maple wood & brown distressed paint (seen on chair legs below).

Of course, Buddy wanted to say, "Hi" too.

I won the Sunday School bible drill yesterday :)...
"For the wages of sin are death but the GIFT of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord"
Romans 6:23