Wednesday, May 7, 2014


We have the SMALLEST entryway of any home I have ever seen. You walk straight into our living room, which is luckily sectioned off by a change in flooring and a squared-off furniture layout. BUT, it only left a small wall for any sort of entryway.
So we waited. And waited. And thought. And waited more. And analyzed what we actually used the entryway space for. Conclusion- our sandals which are worn in and out of the house on weekends, a place to sit and put-on/take-off work boots, a DRAWER for keys, tyler's wallet, etc., maybe a spot to hang a coat. The extras I envisioned were a mirror, a cute clock, and a place to put my slender flower arrangement that no longer fit on the mantel due to husband's oversized TV.
I give you... our entryway...

My mother's father was handicap but found unique ways to paint before he lost all of his muscle strength. He lived two hours away and passed away just before my 10th birthday, so I didn't have a chance to really get to know him. Having one of his paintings is a true treasure for me!
The shelf with drawers and stool were both yard sale finds.
The flower arrangement fit perfectly and I found a cute clock at Ikea.
I have the mirror Grandpa Crawford made hanging on the photo wall, so no need for one here.
The rug is a navy and white, chevron/diamond pattern: found it at Walmart on Clarence.
To come.
This wall, as well as the rest of the living room and hallway, still need to be painted grey like our photo wall. I think I will add a row of hooks below the shelf too... to close in the gap and allow for a guest to hang their coat or purse!
"For man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yard Sale Chair

No unique title needed... this chair says it all!
Found a silver-metal framed chair with grey seat/back... paid $5 at a yard sale.
Added padding to the seat & recovered each section in fabric I already had, and had already used to make my sewing machine cover (first thing made on first sewing machine).
I secured the fabric with a few staples from the staple gun and then bronze upholstery nails in a design that goes across the bottom and up the sides of the inside, and then across the top of the back of the chair. I love the look of the two different fabrics! The top fabric is gold and white damask, the bottom is gold and white stripe (hard to see in the photos).
Also, I spray painted the frame white since there wasn't any silver in my office. I think I will go back and spray paint the screws white as well so there is no silver on the chair.
This will be my chair to sit in when I sew... and it fits nicely pushed under my cheap card-table, sewing table! {Note the sewing machine and pile of fabric :) }.

“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former things will not be remembered or come to mind.” Isaiah 65:17

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Collections on a Wall

Before the holiday season started in October.. yes, we celebrate pumpkin carving and candy eating :), I took the time to gather several items and frames I had been setting aside KNOWING they would make for an excellent photowall/gallerywall/PinterestMasterpiece :).
Then, I taped a very unproportionate square on my living room carpet and laid out my design...

BUT. Then we had the holidays and NUMEROUS other household projects... and we didn't tackle hanging anything until April/May.
FIRST. We had to paint the wall. We knew we wanted the WHOLE room to go from light tan to a powerful grey- so we started with the "photo wall". A great way to try out the grey before committing to the whole 12 foot tall room and hallways! We LOVED the grey that I painted, so Tyler agreed we could start hanging pictures.
Let me explain...
My nanny family, the Slaters, gave us a very generous Groupon giftcard during our engagement. I chose to spend it on a deal for two professional photos turned into canvas portraits. GREAT SPEND! Can not thank them enough!

The tan portrait is Tyler and I during our First Dance as a married couple- at our Wedding Reception. The second, Black and White portrait is from our engagement session at the Barker Farm with our precious son, Buddy :).

Also during our engagement, while shopping dangerously at Kirklands... I found two plaques that spoke to my heart. I bought them, and right away knew that they needed to be added into a photo wall. Enjoy reading these gems...

Next.. I searched for a small frame to fill the whole in my carpet-layout ;). While at khols, who has AMAZING frames for cheap, I found a four selection frame. I thought "It will be too high to capture photos this small of a size" but the frame PERFECTLY fit the measurements I needed, so I bought it. After a few too many days wasted on pinterest, I realized that so many people were framing fabric and scrap book paper for room d├ęcor. Got me thinking... why don't I frame the fabric samples from the fabric I've used in my living room and kitchen for curtains, pillows, etc. So I did...
Both of the Hanging plaques have been in my apartment and at our parents homes while we lived at home waiting to get married. The dog portrait looks JUST LIKE our little guy so when we saw it at the Southern Living Christmas show in 2010- I bought it. The fisherman plaque came from Kirklands... and it was just TOO good to be true, especially now that we are married and living together. I gave it to Tyler for Christmas the year we were engaged and buying our home.

From early on in our dating relationship, Tyler and I had a little phrase we repeatedly used, "Love you more". To our content, we have found a picture frame and even a candle with the phrase. This plaque, however, Tyler found and brought home. Beautiful surprise and a great "cherry on top" of our "photo wall". The wood slice was cut by Tyler for our wedding and written on by my crafty sister, Amy. Both are wonderful treasures...

Please note: The window framed mirror was made by Grandpa Crawford!
We still need to find frames to go around the wood slice, and pictures to go inside... but our photo wall is almost complete! My husband spent two complete days measuring out every piece to make sure the wall would look perfect. He is the best!

"He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer or by an embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen, or by a weaver—by any sort of workman or skilled designer."  Exodus 35:35



Wednesday, April 16, 2014


There are several years that have passed where I have found myself thinking, "Wow that flew by".
And yet, turning 25 years old seems impossible. Surely those quick years don't add up to 25.
"How in the world have I already lived a quarter of a century?"
I know that 25 is not "old" and I know that my adulthood has honestly just begun. However, 25 is a long time. Even though the majority of my life is just beginning (hopefully), I have already completed being an infant, a toddler, a child, a preteen, and a teen. I have graduated high school, and earned two college degrees. I have become a young adult. I have married my best friend and adopted our first child... even if Buddy has four legs and a tail... he counts! I have opened a savings account, bought a reliable car, bought a home, been hired by a reputable company, and started a garden. I have even traveled, not outside of the US but to every eastern US state and San Francisco, CA. Heck, I even owned and operated my own business, Buddy Care, for five years. I even did all of that pretty well- I was an athlete, I worked for a local TV station, I was on honor roll, president's list, dean's list and a collegiate national honor society. Through the God lord's blessings, I accomplished a lot in what seems like short amount of time until you put a number to it!
Once I started thinking about HOW MUCH I did in the first 25 years... I decided I wanted to make sure I accomplish just as much, if not more, and grow my knowledge of life in the following 25 years! By the time I am 50... woahhh... I want to ExHaUsTeD from accomplishing life and not wasting it! So here goes... I will start with 25 things to do before I am 26!
In a little less than one year I hope to...
1. Hit my savings goal, and keep that amount in my savings account, untouched, so I will have it in case of emergencies OR to eventually retire on :).
2. Pay off at least HALF of my car loan!
3. Be at a healthy weight and BMI with habitual exercise and healthy eating!
4. Be in prayer and scripture reading daily, with proper tithing and church attendance. Serve in the church and make more relationships with other believers!
5. Finish projects! Start with finishing the kitchen table and chairs,
 then make the upholstered headboard.
6. Hang photos, paint the interior walls, and keep organized/decluttered!
7. Sew regularly as a means of relaxation!
8. Spend time outdoors! In the garden, under the sun, redneckin' with hubs, running with bud...
9. Take several quick weekend getaway's with hubs.
10. Strive to do better than the day before!
11. Make goals/deadlines and Achieve them. Home projects, Work assignments, etc.
12. Advance within the company in knowledge and skillset.
13. Blog Often!
14. Take photos and actually print them. Make the 2nd year-in-review photo book!
15. Get to know a neighbor.
16. Have people over to our home for fun evenings, often!
17. Spend girl time with friends. Take a girls trip!
18. Learn to play an entire song on my guitar.
19. Find something to do when not happy, other than eating! Make it a habit/natural reaction.
20. Spend time with family, immediate and extended.
21. Volunteer & serve: help those in need. Share God's love!
22. Make sure I am being a great wife- don't get too busy to forget to show love!
23. Make new traditions with hubs and continue ones already created.
24. Make cleaning the house less of a hassle by doing a little each day.
25. Try new things and blog about them :)
Here's to Gray Hair...
"Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life." Proverbs 16: 31

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring into March Madness

You read it right...
In the Morenus home... we do not wait on April showers to bring May flowers... we start spring NOW. We had a beautiful Sunday in Charlotte, NC with spring like temperatures and the ability to stay outside all day and not catch a cold [Knock on wood]. So we are officially celebrating Spring!
{Even though it will most likely drop below freezing again this week...}
March is a GREAT month for college sports fans! We get to see multiple basketball games as the March Madness challenge unfolds. I always complete a bracket with DUKE winning the entire thing, and haven't been correct in awhile. Tyler always thinks UNC will go all the way. We WILL decorate with {some} our Duke and Carolina items and there will be lost battles resulting in wearing your least favorite team's apparel, etc. It makes for a fun month! Hopefully the leprechauns will bring some luck DUKE's way middle of the month! You can see below that my colleagues are Carolina fans and have already started a battle...

Back to spring.
We have completed a few things already to prepare for the change in seasons.
The red and pink pillows were stored away in a pink Rubbermaid to be used again next February.
In their place now lives blue pillows and our friend, Mr. Squirrel.
My lovely sis, McKenzie, made the other two pillows!
On the Side Tables, we have stored away the winter flowers and brought out our spring vase and cherry blossoms. Fake of course... I have a brown thumb!
I have also purchased a few gold items to give the room a new accent color.

My most favorite... I took down the City of Charlotte Christmas painting my sis, Amy, and I made and re-hung my Grandfather's painting of Spring. This is one painting from a set of all four seasons. My mom and two sisters have the others. My Grandfather could barely use any of his muscles and was completely handicap by the time he passed away, but yet he produced some amazing paintings before he lost all muscle function. He died a few days before my 10th birthday, so sadly I do not remember much of him. Glad to have this artwork to connect me to him!

~** SNEAK PEAK **~
This week I will be finishing the pedestal table and chairs for our kitchen. We bought them last fall at a yard sale for $40 total... table, pedestal, 4 chairs. The seats of the chairs and the table top are maple wood  (remaining that way) and everything else was an ugly green color. I was confident I could strip the green away... and man is it hard to do! It has taken awhile but now that our garage is clean and spring is approaching... I am motivated! I will do a post on the table project when it is complete but here is the progress so far... note the finished product will be maple wood & brown distressed paint (seen on chair legs below).

Of course, Buddy wanted to say, "Hi" too.

I won the Sunday School bible drill yesterday :)...
"For the wages of sin are death but the GIFT of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord"
Romans 6:23

Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Month of love... Continued.

Projects have been completed...
The snow not only gave me more time at home to complete craft projects, it also inspired me!
First... I cut strips of fabric and then cut the strips into squares. Then I folded the squares in half and cut SEVERAL hearts! I kept the heart outlines and the hearts and crafted away...

I also made pillows. The HUGE pillow was made from sewing two tablecloths together that my mom gave me from her holiday decoration bin. The smallest pillow was purchased from Target in their dollar section...too cute not to add to my collection! I have also stitched a heart shaped pillow but the snow is keeping me from getting to Hancock Fabric for more stuffing!
Hope you all enjoyed. The Morenus' house is loving February so far! Lots of quality time, snow fun, crafting, AND... we bought a new car :)

Don't forget to take all of your worries to the Lord!
“Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. Isaiah 1:18.

Friday, January 31, 2014

February is a month of love in the Morenus home.
We were married in February...

Buddy's birthday is Feb 4th, just like nana's!
McKenzie's is Feb 20th and Grandma Ruth's is Feb 11th!
Valentine's Day is celebrated...
We take a trip to the beach to see our Crawford Grandparents...
Who share our wedding day which happens to be Grandma's birthday, too :)
So it is easy to see why I wanted to decorate for February... a whole month of hearts, and red and pink surrounding the home to remind us of how special the month is.
Starting today, January 31st... maybe I procrastinated.. I will take the following items and craft them into February Love Decorations...
Visit again throughout the month to see what they became :}
I hope you have a month of love too!
"Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those
 who love him and keep his commands."
Deuteronomy 7:9