Thursday, September 11, 2014

25.25 Check In

You may remember that after my 25th birthday (April 14th) I challenged myself to complete 25 tasks before turning 26... One year to change my lifestyle for the better.
1. Hit my savings goal, and keep that amount in my savings account, untouched, so I will have it in case of emergencies OR to eventually retire on :).
2. Pay off at least HALF of my car loan!
3. Be at a healthy weight and BMI with habitual exercise and healthy eating!
4. Be in prayer and scripture reading daily, with proper tithing and church attendance. Serve in the church and make more relationships with other believers!
5. Finish projects! Start with finishing the kitchen table and chairs,
 then make the upholstered headboard.
6. Hang photos, paint the interior walls, and keep organized/decluttered!
7. Sew regularly as a means of relaxation!
8. Spend time outdoors! In the garden, under the sun, redneckin' with hubs, running with bud...
9. Take several quick weekend getaway's with hubs.
10. Strive to do better than the day before!
11. Make goals/deadlines and Achieve them. Home projects, Work assignments, etc.
12. Advance within the company in knowledge and skillset.
13. Blog Often!
14. Take photos and actually print them. Make the 2nd year-in-review photo book!
15. Get to know a neighbor.
16. Have people over to our home for fun evenings, often!
17. Spend girl time with friends. Take a girls trip!
18. Learn to play an entire song on my guitar.
19. Find something to do when not happy, other than eating! Make it a habit/natural reaction.
20. Spend time with family, immediate and extended.
21. Volunteer & serve: help those in need. Share God's love!
22. Make sure I am being a great wife- don't get too busy to forget to show love!
23. Make new traditions with hubs and continue ones already created.
24. Make cleaning the house less of a hassle by doing a little each day.
25. Try new things and blog about them :)
Well here is my 25.25 update:
2. I will most likely not pay off half of my car loan in just one year, however, I have managed to pay more than the minimum so far each month!
4. We have found an amazing group of young married believers in sunday school. We both pray all the time but need to be more committed to reading the Word outside of church. We tith in chunks, currently, instead of each pay period- need to make it routine.
5. Table and chairs finished. LONG to-do list started.
7. I made pillows for Valentines day, Made gifts for pregnant friends, Made Chapstick keychain holders, and turned old tee-shirts into new workout tanktops!
8. Tyler and I planted a garden and maintained it. We went to the pool often- including the inflatable pool on our back deck (last 2 weeks until the mosquitos got out of control). To top it off- we had a redneck memorial day with the Holberts: "Pig Pickin'". We also put in a new mailbox and added a bench to our front porch. We were outside a lot!
9. Tyler and I went to the beach in February and in April. We also went to Charleston in August with our Sunday School class. I went to the beach again in August with my mom/sister and then to Raleigh in Sept with my sister to see friends.
12. I was promoted to executive admin, then to project manager. Then I took a promotional move and joined the marketing department.
15. We delivered veggies from our garden to two different sets of neighbors. Not much interaction with one set, and the lady we did get to know is now moving. We will continue to reach out to others!
17. Refer to #9 :).
20. We always gets to see both families on holidays, which is fortunate! We also got to see all grandparents (except Grandma Ruth) over my birthday weekend! July 4th we spent time with Uncle Kurt and Aunt Caroline and in a few weeks we will decorate pumpkins with all of my dad's family. Tyler and I make it to our parents home at least once a month for dinner (usually more often) and see our siblings then. We will get to see Christy in a few weeks too because she will be working a carnival in Winston Salem, NC :).
22. Started a new cleaning scheduled where I attempt to keep the house smelling fresh. I have organized EVERYTHING and will do it again each "quarter". We will be having a yardsale in two weeks :). Other good wife duties: investing interest in tyler's shows and hobbies. Giving headrubs without complaint. Helping with the cooking... or at least doing all of the dishes :). Ensuring he has clean clothes for work each day and food for lunch.
23. New traditions: Birthday beach trip (my bday). Being a redneck on memorial day. Continued traditions: anniversary beach trip with Gram/Grandpa. Yard sale shopping on Saturday mornings.
"Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work."
John 4:34