Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ultimate Changing-Top Dresser

A few weeks ago I finally purchased the ultimate changing-top dresser. I searched for months knowing I did not want a tradition changing table - but yet a dresser that could be used for several years - and could host a changing pad on top. I quickly found that I was in love with IKEA HEMNES 8 drawer dresser with SKUBB storage boxes (I used 5 sets). I added golden-yellow, chevron knobs to the dresser, from Home Depot.

I read several blog posts on what ladies were storing in their changing tables and even found a post about my exact dresser. After the shower, receiving all the beautiful gifts, I was able to play around with how I wanted to organize everything. OF COURSE - my OCD self started with post-it notes
- on the outside AND the inside :).

After a few adjustments, and a lot of laundry washing, I came up with the following. I will start with the upper left drawer and go left to right, then down a row, etc.
Top Left Drawer: Diapers
My wonderful cousin gave me over 100 newborn size diapers - half of that assortment is laying on its side in this drawer. The standing, left column of diapers is size one. I am not certain how long baby Morenus will need the newborn size - so I wanted to be prepared for size one too. The other 50 or so newborn size diapers are still packaged and sitting with my stockpile!
Top Left-Middle Drawer: Wipes, Ointment & Wash Cloths
This drawer will host the currently-being-used diaper changing necessities, from butt cream to baby powder, in the front square box. Wipes in a sealable container are beside of it, topped with the facial wipes that come highly recommended. Not yet pictured are the wash cloths which I plan to fold and have take up the rest of the drawer - to be used for baths but also for any other cleanups that occur during changes :). You can, however, see that the IKEA drawers come pre-lined!
Top Right-Middle Drawer: Accessories
Who doesn't love little girl accessories? The front portion is for bows and headbands - and don't worry - Tucker's BFFs (aka my friends) are about to make several more headbands at our next craft party! The left middle box holds bloomers (newborn - 3months) that came with some of her dresses. Back right box holds her hats and mittens. The middle left box holds 0-3month size socks and the back left box holds larger size socks.
Top Right Drawer: Current Size Onesies and Leggings
This will be a drawer that changes as she grows - currently the front section is divided into two small boxes: one for Newborn-3 month size SHORT sleeve onesies and the right for Newborn-3 month size LONG sleeve onesies. As she grows out of the Newborn-3 month size clothing, I will move up the next size from the drawer below ;). The back left portion is Newborn-3 month size leggings and the right portion is 3-6 month size leggings.
Moving down a row...
Middle Left Drawer: Extra Supplies
This is a well organized catch-all drawer :). Front L-R: outlet covers, small medical items, arm & hammer smell good things for the drawers, q-tips, ointments, and plastic diaper trash bag refillers. Back L-R: Soap & shampoo, lotion, baby powder, and baby oil.
Middle Right Drawer: Bath & Bed
This drawer does hold the next size up onesies (front left) but for the most part it is centered around bath and bed times. Back L-R: Sleepers (gowns folded and body suits rolled), inflatable duck bath tub, and hooded towels. The front middle is her yellow terry cloth bath robe (which I assume will just stay in the bathroom) and then the front right is home to her sleep-sacks, which are like swaddle blankets but Velcro in place.
Moving to the last row...
Bottom Left: Bib-Burp-Swim-Change
Basically explains itself! Front L-R: Burp clothes, waterproof liners, and changing pad covers. Back L-R: Bibs, spoons (ok they will make their way to the kitchen eventually), and a bin for her swim necessities (3 suits, a hat, sunscreen, and sun glasses) as her first beach trip is already planned :).
Bottom Right: Help Me Sleep
The entire front row is crib sheets - we are ready for multiple changes per night! The back row stores her swaddle blankets (Aden & Anais) and her fluffier blankets. I love the colors of this drawer!
I hope you enjoyed the trip into my OCD brain!
Feel free to let me know if you can think of items I haven't included or just want to say how you did or didn't organize your changing area! I am all ears :).
"But all things should be done decently and in order." 1 Corinthians 14:40

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