Sunday, May 4, 2014

Collections on a Wall

Before the holiday season started in October.. yes, we celebrate pumpkin carving and candy eating :), I took the time to gather several items and frames I had been setting aside KNOWING they would make for an excellent photowall/gallerywall/PinterestMasterpiece :).
Then, I taped a very unproportionate square on my living room carpet and laid out my design...

BUT. Then we had the holidays and NUMEROUS other household projects... and we didn't tackle hanging anything until April/May.
FIRST. We had to paint the wall. We knew we wanted the WHOLE room to go from light tan to a powerful grey- so we started with the "photo wall". A great way to try out the grey before committing to the whole 12 foot tall room and hallways! We LOVED the grey that I painted, so Tyler agreed we could start hanging pictures.
Let me explain...
My nanny family, the Slaters, gave us a very generous Groupon giftcard during our engagement. I chose to spend it on a deal for two professional photos turned into canvas portraits. GREAT SPEND! Can not thank them enough!

The tan portrait is Tyler and I during our First Dance as a married couple- at our Wedding Reception. The second, Black and White portrait is from our engagement session at the Barker Farm with our precious son, Buddy :).

Also during our engagement, while shopping dangerously at Kirklands... I found two plaques that spoke to my heart. I bought them, and right away knew that they needed to be added into a photo wall. Enjoy reading these gems...

Next.. I searched for a small frame to fill the whole in my carpet-layout ;). While at khols, who has AMAZING frames for cheap, I found a four selection frame. I thought "It will be too high to capture photos this small of a size" but the frame PERFECTLY fit the measurements I needed, so I bought it. After a few too many days wasted on pinterest, I realized that so many people were framing fabric and scrap book paper for room d├ęcor. Got me thinking... why don't I frame the fabric samples from the fabric I've used in my living room and kitchen for curtains, pillows, etc. So I did...
Both of the Hanging plaques have been in my apartment and at our parents homes while we lived at home waiting to get married. The dog portrait looks JUST LIKE our little guy so when we saw it at the Southern Living Christmas show in 2010- I bought it. The fisherman plaque came from Kirklands... and it was just TOO good to be true, especially now that we are married and living together. I gave it to Tyler for Christmas the year we were engaged and buying our home.

From early on in our dating relationship, Tyler and I had a little phrase we repeatedly used, "Love you more". To our content, we have found a picture frame and even a candle with the phrase. This plaque, however, Tyler found and brought home. Beautiful surprise and a great "cherry on top" of our "photo wall". The wood slice was cut by Tyler for our wedding and written on by my crafty sister, Amy. Both are wonderful treasures...

Please note: The window framed mirror was made by Grandpa Crawford!
We still need to find frames to go around the wood slice, and pictures to go inside... but our photo wall is almost complete! My husband spent two complete days measuring out every piece to make sure the wall would look perfect. He is the best!

"He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer or by an embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarns and fine twined linen, or by a weaver—by any sort of workman or skilled designer."  Exodus 35:35



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