Wednesday, April 16, 2014


There are several years that have passed where I have found myself thinking, "Wow that flew by".
And yet, turning 25 years old seems impossible. Surely those quick years don't add up to 25.
"How in the world have I already lived a quarter of a century?"
I know that 25 is not "old" and I know that my adulthood has honestly just begun. However, 25 is a long time. Even though the majority of my life is just beginning (hopefully), I have already completed being an infant, a toddler, a child, a preteen, and a teen. I have graduated high school, and earned two college degrees. I have become a young adult. I have married my best friend and adopted our first child... even if Buddy has four legs and a tail... he counts! I have opened a savings account, bought a reliable car, bought a home, been hired by a reputable company, and started a garden. I have even traveled, not outside of the US but to every eastern US state and San Francisco, CA. Heck, I even owned and operated my own business, Buddy Care, for five years. I even did all of that pretty well- I was an athlete, I worked for a local TV station, I was on honor roll, president's list, dean's list and a collegiate national honor society. Through the God lord's blessings, I accomplished a lot in what seems like short amount of time until you put a number to it!
Once I started thinking about HOW MUCH I did in the first 25 years... I decided I wanted to make sure I accomplish just as much, if not more, and grow my knowledge of life in the following 25 years! By the time I am 50... woahhh... I want to ExHaUsTeD from accomplishing life and not wasting it! So here goes... I will start with 25 things to do before I am 26!
In a little less than one year I hope to...
1. Hit my savings goal, and keep that amount in my savings account, untouched, so I will have it in case of emergencies OR to eventually retire on :).
2. Pay off at least HALF of my car loan!
3. Be at a healthy weight and BMI with habitual exercise and healthy eating!
4. Be in prayer and scripture reading daily, with proper tithing and church attendance. Serve in the church and make more relationships with other believers!
5. Finish projects! Start with finishing the kitchen table and chairs,
 then make the upholstered headboard.
6. Hang photos, paint the interior walls, and keep organized/decluttered!
7. Sew regularly as a means of relaxation!
8. Spend time outdoors! In the garden, under the sun, redneckin' with hubs, running with bud...
9. Take several quick weekend getaway's with hubs.
10. Strive to do better than the day before!
11. Make goals/deadlines and Achieve them. Home projects, Work assignments, etc.
12. Advance within the company in knowledge and skillset.
13. Blog Often!
14. Take photos and actually print them. Make the 2nd year-in-review photo book!
15. Get to know a neighbor.
16. Have people over to our home for fun evenings, often!
17. Spend girl time with friends. Take a girls trip!
18. Learn to play an entire song on my guitar.
19. Find something to do when not happy, other than eating! Make it a habit/natural reaction.
20. Spend time with family, immediate and extended.
21. Volunteer & serve: help those in need. Share God's love!
22. Make sure I am being a great wife- don't get too busy to forget to show love!
23. Make new traditions with hubs and continue ones already created.
24. Make cleaning the house less of a hassle by doing a little each day.
25. Try new things and blog about them :)
Here's to Gray Hair...
"Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life." Proverbs 16: 31

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