Tuesday, March 26, 2013


As of February 23, 2013... WE ARE MARRIED! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was amazing... if I do say so myself! It is SO crazy how fast the day goes by, after years of dreaming about it and months of planning, but I wouldn't change any of it!

Crazy things about our wedding: The weekend before RIGHT AT our ceremony time... Charlotte had a DOWN POUR snow! I was so worried that it would snow on our special day too! INSTEAD, it rained- that's suppose to be good luck, right? Tyler tried driving my car to the church the day of- and it broke down on him. God kept him very calm though- I was amazed! He was still on time! By the end of the night, we found out lots of little crazy things that happened... I bought my dad cuff-links and he wasn't wearing a shirt that they could be attached to AND my dress caught on fire during our sparkler farewell! We were oblivious.

The Prince Resort
On the Cherry Grove Pier
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
We had an amazing trip! We shopped WAY TOO MUCH but enjoyed spending time at a beach we had both frequented as kids with our families... but only once before had we been together. Tyler bought fireworks and a few new shirts, I bought new boots and a book to read and we both picked out a few misc. kitchen items we still needed. We also enjoyed quick service everywhere we went because of it being February... i'm talking one of four couples in a restuarant! We ate out each night and both agreed that planet hollywood was our favorite. On our last day, we got to spend quality time with two sets of tyler's grandparents! I really can't think of anything else I would have wanted to do- spending QT with my husband was BETTER than what the doctor ordered!

Tyler surprised me during our visit to Broadway at the Beach and pulled me into Build-A-Bear. As a nanny, I have been several times but never have I made a stuffed animal for myself or received one. Tyler remembered- and together we made a penguin- my favorite animal- in a DUKE jersey- my favorite team! We also named him "T Jay" which is what we will one day call a son- if we are ever blessed with one {full name will be Tyler Jay Morenus Jr.}.

The only thing that could have made the wedding and honeymoon better was to have been able to have buddy there with us! But in the end... both occasions were a lot less hairy without him :}

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