Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Favorite Foods... so far

Getting settled into married life means getting use to living together and EATING together. We have similar taste buds, but never seem to crave the same thing at the same time. However, we both do agree that we want to cook meals at home and not waste money eating out!
Tyler leaves before 7am most mornings, so we end up doing breakfast separately. I typically go for a long walk with my sister and our dogs, then return home to make a yummy meal. Tyler is more of a cereal guy, but most mornings I think his breakfast consist of sunflower seeds!
My favorite breakfast meal so far is an egg patty sandwich. Ty bought a very cool frying pan that is literally the size of a perfect egg patty. I scramble one egg and 1/2 a tablespoon of milk in a bowl with a mini whisk. Then I pour the mixture into the medium-high heated pan, that I spray with PAM before heating. I let the patty form, making sure most of the mixture is in solid form before flipping it, using a mini spatula I found at the dollar store. I cover the {new} patty top with a slice of the Ultra Thin cheese by sargento (usually a cheddar or colby jack). Once the cheese has melted, I lift the patty out of the pan and onto a Thin Sandwich (like the thin bagels). Whole Grain! I usually eat the egg patty sandwich with applesauce or greek yogurt... and of course a huge Tervis of coffee! 

Our dinner routine is unique but it works for us. Tyler usually beats me home by at least an hour so he is able to do most of the cooking. Which he loves! He is a very good cook, takes after his momma! I just always feel bad that he waits on me to eat... we typically do not get to eat dinner until after 8pm.
You'll want...
Skillet and oil and medium heat- ready to go.
Oven at 375 degrees- ready to go.
13x9 sprayed with PAM- ready to go.
Boil noodles of choice!
Our favorite meal so far is Chicken Parmesan. Mostly, I love it because we both cook it together! Ty is not a huge fan of cooking meat in a skillet but I don't mind the popping oil bubbles... just wear long sleeves :). In order to have the best flavor, Tyler prepares the chicken the night before. He starts by cutting off the fat (of thawed chicken breasts) and then flattening the boneless chicken breast with a meat tenderizer. Then he pokes holes in the breasts and covers them with Italian dressing, inside of our Tupperware marinating container. We leave the breasts over night to marinate. The night of cooking, we take two "mixing" bowls... one with 3 eggs (Scrambled) and one with Italian bread crumbs... and we dip each breast in the egg (coat it) then roll it in the bread crumbs and then repeat. I let our skillet & oil reach medium heat and then take each breast (one at a time works easiest) and cook it in the skillet about 3minutes each side. Once both sides of the breaded chicken breast have that golden brown look, we place the breast into a 13x9.
{Here are the breast ready to now be baked}

In the 13x9 I place the breast in first. Then I add "spaghetti sauce" around the breast. It doesn't need to be under the breast, because it will move around once it starts baking. However, I do make sure to cover all of the edges of the pan and in between the two breast. I do not put sauce on top of the breast, but you could if you wished! {We use our own homemade sauce, but store bought works just fine!} I bake the chicken at 375 degrees for 30mintues. At the end of 30mintues, I pull out the tray in the oven and add cheese on top of the breast. Then I bake the dish for another 10minutes, changing the temperature to 350 degrees.
{Here is what the chicken looks like fresh out of the oven}
To serve, I put a breast on top of noodles (any kind... we have tried it all!) and add the sauce from the pan to my plate. The taste of the Italian chicken topped with cheese and sauce is amazing! Truly! We have had it every week since marriage, except for the honeymoon! Thanks to Momma Morenus for the recipe!
{Ready to eat...}
In honor of the food post... The picture of the day won't be of buddy bear... We will share a photo of our first ever dinner guests, our Atkinson family. They joined us the weekend after the honeymoon for hamburgers. It was very interesting- tyler used his new grill for the first time and we quickly figured out the burner covers (??) were flipped the wrong way so the flames had NO control and it looked like a giant fire! The kids told on the men, ty and colt, for their fire hazards but luckily colt was able to save the grill, the house and the food :}. Here are the adorable kids...

 "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31

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