Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy {Belated} Easter

I hope that you all enjoyed your Easter and had a chance to thank God for all the many blessings he has provided us with! I am so glad that He has Risen!
Being that it was mine and Tyler's first {holiday, specifically} Easter in our new house I decided we HAD to decorate and that I wouldn't spend money buying too many things.
Here is what I made...
Using the following supplies:
Green Food Coloring
Rubbing Alcohol
Zip Lock bag
Throw-away plate

I put all of the rice into a gallon size zip lock bag. {I highly recommend a bag with the slider closure so you REALLY know it is closed- especially if you let kids help! Then I added a cap full of rubbing alcohol (literally filled the cap of the rubbing alcohol container and dumped it onto the rice). Then added a few squirts of green food coloring.. start with 3-5 squirts, then add more if you feel the color isn't spreading enough. Close the bag and then spread the color onto the rice by moving the rice in your hands (hands outside of the bag :)) and shaking the bag, etc. It takes no time to do so! Then pour the green rice onto a throw-away plate... it took 2 plates for me. It doesnt have to be a flat layer, but you do want it to be thin enough that the rice will dry! I let it dry for a few hours while I did other things, but once you touch the rice and feel it is dry its ready to use!

While the rice dried... I painted letters...
Can you figure out what these letters will spell?
Here is my little helper for the day... adorable!
Once the letters and rice dried.. I added the rice to the bottom of mason jars (pint size) to look like grass and put a letter in each jar. Then I ordered the jars on my mantle to spell out EASTER!
{Bad Photo}
To finish the mantle... I cut easter fabric ($1 for 1/2yard at Handcock Fabric) into a 4x6 and literally put it inside a frame that was already on my mantle. I left the photo in the frame so I wouldnt have to hunt it down after Easter! {Left of EASTER mason jars, sorry you can't really see it}. Then I dug out an old bunny rabit I had in my "Childhood" rubbermaid container in my garage. Luckily, the painting I have on my mantle already matched- so I left it! Here is our very first EASTER mantle :)...
Now.. if you had visited during the holiday, you would have been greeted at the front door by this $5 AC Moore find...
And you could have joined us for our annual egg dying fun... this photo is taken from dying eggs with our Atkinson girls. However, we ended up participating in four different egg dying sessions! :)
Last but not least...
Tyler and I started an Easter tradition. We went to Dollar Tree {his favorite} and picked out easter baskets... a chicken on his {he has pet chickens} and fun decorative eggs on mine. This step is complete for future Easters but the following will be repeated... We each picked out several packages of candy that we wanted, paid for it all, then went home and assembled the other person's Easter basket! They stayed on our kitchen bar counter so we could snack on our treats during the Easter season! WAY TOO MUCH CANDY!! :))
John 11:25-26Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.

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