Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Engagement Photos Coming Up Soon!

This upcoming Sunday, Tyler and I will join our photographer (http://www.angela-tucker.com/) for a two hour engagement session! I am SO EXCITED but SO NERVOUS... do you know how many things have to be done before taking pictures?!?

Finding a location: We want a location that resembles our rustic-country wedding theme. We also want that location to allow for Tyler's firearms and our dog Buddy. Easier said then done! In the end, Tyler's wonderful employers are allowing us to take pictures on their company's property... complete with a barn, pond, tractor, and the cutest little "love bench". We also want to do some fun and active photos... so you may also see the local park pictured for some basketball competition :).

Outfits: Going along with the rustic-country theme... I knew I wanted to wear my wedding cowgirl boots, but that was all I AM certain about. Yes... 4 days until photos and I STILL DO NOT have an outfit picked out. We plan to wear two outfits each... the second outfit has been planned for awhile and while I plan to keep it a secret I will give you a hint: we will wear it on the basketball court. HOWEVER, I have no clue what we will end up wearing for the fishing photos. Stay tuned!

Grooming: Tyler had to plan ahead when to shave and get a fade haircut- so that facial and head hair would grow back at the appropriate lengths for pictures. If you know Tyler- You know that is extreme!! I also had to plan when to dye my hair, how to style it, (what to wear), when to get nails done--and what colors to choose, as well as working on my tan at the beach last week WITHOUT getting burned. Lets also add in that I have been exercising like crazy since graduation  to ensure I shed a few unwanted pounds-- since the camera is known to add a few. WOAH. Buttttt that is not all... our dog also needs his nails trimmed and a bath!

Props & Ideas: What will we do in the pictures? I searched pinterest and numerous photo albums to collect ideas of what poses and picture styles I liked. I also shopped on etsy for cute items to use in the photos and then at the reception of our wedding. Ultimately, I came up with way too many ideas!! I will say that burlap and the game scrabble, which Ty and I play all the time, will both be seen in the photos!

Practice: Tonight I literally convinced Ty to stand in front of a mirror with me and practice smiling... this was actually completely hilirious as we ended up trying to mimic different emotions and realized neither of us would have made for a good model- lol. Let's hope Angela has experience with novice models :).

SNEAK PEAK: Here are a two photos I hope to duplicate with Ty, and Budster, this Sunday...

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