Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet & Greet

To plan a wedding you have to meet a lot of people, and each one serves a very important role on the wedding day.

Flowers- We are currently trying to think of all the different flowers we will need and where to get them from. Several people have suggested grocery store floral shops for being the cheapest, and in particular Harris Teeter for great customer service. I plan to meet with a floral shop employee of HT, but first I have to come up with the list of flowers needed. Aside from bouquets and corsages (im sure i spelled something wrong), you need flowers for the church and possibly the reception... according to Momma Wright :). {Atleast we don't need flowers for the guys... something special for them... stay tuned}. I am thinking I will use Baby's Breath as it reminds me a lot of our country theme. Wonder what will go well with it...

DJ- Next I need to schedule appointments with possible DJs. I have thought about just doing a mock DJ too, using all of the new technology to pick songs we like and make our own playlist. Seems much cheaper and I would definently know then that only approved songs were being played. This is a HUGE decision to make though so I will probably still consider both options for awhile longer.
Videographer-- Need to research theses people too :). Anyone good with a camera {WBTV}??

Reception- I also need to meet with the head of the country club, again, so that I can determine how many tables therefore how many centerpieces to come up with. As well as a million other questions we have :). I love that we have the freedom at PineLake to implement new ideas though-- and it has a gorgeous fire place inside the "reception hall". Can't wait to be there as a married lady, celebrating!

Invitations- I know who I will be using to make my invitations, but we still have to determine wording and such. This will be a FUN (aka worry free) meeting though because I love the girl to death! Church friends are the best friends!

DRESS-- my alteration lady of YEARS closed her alteration shop :/. Now I will need to find and trust someone new to alter the dress. However I have someone in mind, so I am not going to panic.... yet. Regardless, I have to plan when to alter it and get it back in time to take some bridal shots before the big day! {Less than 5 months!!}

To be continued... listing all the meet & greets we have coming up is getting stressful, ha, so we will just focus on the above for a little while! Enjoying every minute of planning the day that marks the begining of forever :}

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