Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Over the course of the last week, Tyler and I have been trying to think of all the items for the Kitchen and Bedrooms that we do not already have- so that we can register for them. It is CRAZY how many things a household contains! We dug through both of our mother's kitchens and made a list or two!

We visited CrateAndBarrel and found a cute, and practical, set of dishes- all white so they will go well with any decorations we pick throughout our marriage. I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM {Can't wait to decorate & "furnish" our very own home}. Then we found a comforter that Tyler approved of, solid colored, comfy and hypoallergenic, at BedBath&Beyond. Now, we just have to add the other items {you know: spatulas and sheet sets} to our registries at those two places.

Registering is fun... I can't wait until we know where we will be living. We are thinking it will most likely be an apartment for the first year but we aren't crossing off renting a home or buying a home just yet. Tyler really loves the Midland area, so we are looking out that way. Anywhere where he can legally hunt and own fancy weapons, and he'll be a happy hubby :).

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